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Pilates Mat Certification
This intimate, boutique style program attracts many fitness teachers and dance professionals but is equally suited for non teachers, novices, and pilates enthusiasts looking to make a career change. The small group setting- 10 student maximum, hands-on teaching practice, and expert guidance provided by master teacher, Linda Farrell make for a special, first rate learning experience. The program is now also available through Skype (contact to learn more).

The LindaFit Pilates Mat certification is ideal for those looking to teach pilates mat in health clubs, fitness studios, dance centers, corporate gyms, pilates/yoga studios, YMCAs and colleges and universities. The skills acquired in the program will also allow one to develop their own pilates mat personal training business. See our certified teachers and where they are working!

Please do not worry if you can't make all dates. Since the groups are small, dates can be changed to suit the whole group if needed.

Apr-Jun 2017 Program Dates
Core Anatomy Sat, Apr 22 & 29 2-6:30 pm Location TBA

$450 (includes LindaFit Manual)

Pilates Mat Repertory Sat, May 6 & 13 1:30-7:30 pm Location TBA $500 (includes LindaFit Manual)
Practice Teaching Sat, May 20 & Jun 10 2-6:30pm Location TBA $300
Total Cost: $1,250
Sep-Oct 2017 Program Dates
Core Anatomy Sat, Sep 23 & Oct 7 2-6:30 pm Location TBA

$450 (includes LindaFit Manual)

Pilates Mat Repertory Sat, Oct 14 & 21 1:30-7:30 pm Location TBA $500 (includes LindaFit Manual)
Practice Teaching Sat, Nov 4 & 18 2-6:30pm Location TBA $300
Total Cost: $1,250

LindaFit Group Course Work: 30 hours
The LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification program is a comprehensive learning experience which includes three parts: core anatomy, pilates mat repertory, and practice teaching. These three components comprise the LindaFit group course work and must be taken to become certified.   

Core Anatomycovers musculoskeletal anatomy focusing on the core muscle groups of the trunk, shoulder and hips and a discussion of biomechanics, and kinesthetic principles.  Important topics relevant to teaching pilates mat will be explored including: relationships between core muscle groups, proper pelvic placement, shoulder mechanics, pelvic floor and postural lateral breathing. 

Pilates Mat Repertorystarts with a discussion of Joseph Pilate’s principles which are the ideas that formed and shaped the mat repertory.  Next, the principles are examined and applied to 30 pilates mat exercises (beginning, intermediate and some advanced) that will be broken down in terms of purpose, set up, modifications and cueing. Applying the Pilate’s principles as well as developing an eye for correct alignment and an ear for succinct cueing start at this phase. 

Practice Teaching sessions allow each student to practice cueing and teaching the Pilates mat repertory exercises in a supervised, supportive group format. Students will receive guidance and feedback, as well as a review of the Pilates mat repertory as needed. During this phase students should start their individual course work requirements.


LindaFit Individual Course Work: 100 hours
Students will be responsible for completing 5 self-practice class hours, 25 observation hours and 70 practice teaching hours on their own. If possible, half of the self-practice and observation hours should be done with Linda Farrell at the Broadway Dance Center or Equinox Health Clubs (see  Details will be discussed during the program.

Exam and Practical: 4 hours
After successful completion of the group course work and all individual course work the student will set up an appointment to take a written 3.5 hour exam and .5 hour practical exam. Exam and practical are usually done within 3 months to a year after completing the group course work.  Although not required, the 3 month to a year time frame is a good guide for achieving pilates mat certification.

Pilates Mat Certification:  Upon successful completion of the exam and practical the student becomes pilates mat certified through LindaFit and will receive a certificate. The LindaFit Pilates mat certification is recognized by the pilates and fitness community and is accepted by many Pilates entities offering pilates apparatus certification.

LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification is honored at Pilates Academy International and Pilates on Fifth. You may continue your education and get certified on all Pilates apparatus!  


Cost and Breakdown*

LindaFit Group Course Work                     

*Core Anatomy - $450 (Includes Anatomy manual )
Pilates Mat Repertory - $500 (Includes Pilates Mat Training Manual)
Supervised Practice Teaching Sessions - $300

Total Cost: $1,250

*required textbook-Andrew Biel’s Trail Guide to the Body, 4th or 5th Edition The book can be purchased in advance online at, Barnes and Noble and many other retailers.

$1,290 if you pay via PayPal (includes $37 PayPal fee).


Deposit: A deposit check of $450 is required two weeks prior to the program start to hold your spot for the program as the trainings are limited to 10 students.

PayPal: If you know you would like to pay for the entire program through PayPal, please indicate this when you send in your deposit check.  
PayPal payments must be made 1 day prior to the beginning of the course. The $450 deposit check will be returned to you on the first date of the program. (Please visit our Paypal page).

Check, Cash: The program can be paid for in full by check or cash on the first day of the course.  Please bring the $800 balance.
Or each part of the program can be paid for individually through check or cash. 
With this option the deposit check of $450 will turn into payment for the Anatomy section.

Payment for the Pilates Mat Repertory and Practice Teaching is due the first date of each section.

Cancellation: One week notice is required to cancel and receive a full refund on the deposit. 

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