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LindaFit Certified Instructor Testimonials

Lauren Chiarello, Feb 2016

I was in search of a comprehensive anatomy-based classical mat Pilates training and a friend recommended LindaFit Pilates.  I am super eternally grateful!  Linda Farrell is a one-of-a-kind teacher + I feel like it's a true gift that our paths crossed.  She is clear, concise, patient + extremely knowledgeable.  The program is spaced out over several months + incorporates observing + teaching hours to ensure new teachers are ready + comfortable with the work.  Linda embodies many qualities of a superstar teacher -- she is warm, welcoming, helpful, organized + responsive. When it came time to observe other teachers, Linda immediately connected me with several of her past trainees who are now established within the Pilates space.  Each of those teachers were thrilled to connect with me.  Linda has created a wonderful community + is highly regarded + respected within the Pilates space.  Her expertise + insight is invaluable. Oh, and bonus -- Linda baked us delicious homemade banana bread during our trainings in her cozy home. :)  As you can see, I would HIGHLY recommend LindaFit Pilates program to anyone. I will miss the consistent quality time with Linda but I know we will stay in touch!

Sandra Moecke

Last year in November I started my very first pilates class at a fitness studio.  In the beginning there were 3 people and after a month I had  15 people coming constantly !! They liked it so much and one lady asked me how I knew so much.  Apparently she is a pilates teacher herself, and she wondered how this was possible, being  I am a new teacher :D  I told her I had the best Pilates teacher and really Linda, I learned so much from you in your classes and of course especially in your training. You opened my eyes and also my mind.  It was so interesting and really sometimes I thought my brain would explode I learned so much- this is the best feeling!!  So thank you again for your efforts in teaching.  I think you do this so wonderfully and I can’t wait to be back soon to learn more and take some of the workshops!! 

Julie Lanocha

I've taken Pilates sessions and workshops literally from coast to coast, including the Pilates Center in Boulder, but I can say with all sincerity that you are one of the best. I'm so glad I had the good fortune to do my foundational anatomy and mat work with you. Teaching is a very specialized skill; teaching future teachers even more so. You're the best of the best.
Happy New Year to you, and I hope to be able to come to NY for one of your workshops in 2016!

Jennifer Pagoto, teacher at Yoga Haven

Linda is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Pilates.  She really prepares her students to learn the most accurate verbal cueing methods to help move clients into optimal positions and keep good form throughout each movement, which is so important.  I highly recommend potential instructors to take one of Linda’s classes and experience the difference.  Linda’s extensive anatomy knowledge and ability to teach in an exciting Pilates pertinent way is highly commendable.  Linda is a dedicated teacher to each of her students and she really goes the extra mile for you to get it right and feel confident in your teaching abilities. Please feel free to email me to discuss all of the wonderful attributes of Linda Farrell and her remarkable certification program.

Catherine Matthews, teaching at Pilates on Fifth, Boom, and New York Health and Racquet Club

“I can’t say enough about Linda Farrell’s LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification program. I have been a dancer my whole life and have really relied on Pilates to keep me in shape and always wanted to get my certification. Linda really provided me with all of the tools and information that I needed to get started. It was fantastic! She is dedicated to helping get her students work and grow within the field. Linda really knows her anatomy and provides you with all of the knowledge on how the body works through each exercise.

When I decided to take her intensive training weekend last fall, I was only really planning on teaching part time. I was really shocked when I had gotten a job teaching at almost instantly and was immediately able to pay for the training.

She is behind us one hundred percent. Because of her encouragement and knowledge, I am now able to take my career as a Pilates Instructor full time, make the same amount or more in income and have much more time on my hands to do the things that I love to do.  I am now teaching at numerous places all over the city including, Pilates on Fifth, Boom Fitness, NY Health and Racquet, and various other gyms and dance studios in addition to private clients. Linda Farrell and her unique program have truly been one of the most positive experiences I have known and I thank her for helping me find such a wonderful outlet.”

Emily Venizelos, teaching at Body Strength, Practice Yoga, and Steps on Broadway

“The LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification Program opened the door for me to teach Pilates.  After receiving my certification, I was able to immediately begin teaching Pilates at various studios which reimbursed me for the fee I paid to take the course.  The one on one help with teaching and career guidance helped me find work quickly.  After completing level 1, I took a level 2 workshop to learn more variations to interest and advance both me and my students. This program has not only supported me, but will help me further my knowledge and teaching skills during the long run as a Pilates teacher.”

Vanessa Crane, Director of Business Operations, Broadway Dance Center

“My job is to find teachers of the highest quality to meet the demanding standards of our professional dance and fitness programs. I have had the pleasure of taking Linda Farrell’s excellent Pilates Mat Classes at BDC, and I also took Linda Farrell’s wonderful Pilates Mat Certification Program last fall.

I was extremely impressed with the high quality, well organized training and education that Linda provided. The anatomy review was one of my favorite segments, as Linda was able to present the information in an interesting, clear and easy to follow manner. Anatomy can be very challenging, intimidating subject; Linda was able to make it enjoyable, stimulating and a valuable experience. I highly recommend the LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification Series of Workshops, as it will benefit so many fitness instructors, and personal trainers looking to add increased knowledge and skills sets to their repertory.”

Rita Thompson

"I did a lot of research into where I wanted to get my certification from, and specifically who would be training me. I went all over Manhattan and Queens trying out different studios, and Linda stood out to me by a landslide as the best person to get certified through. Linda is a passionate teacher both in regards to what she is teaching, and also how she is teaching. She uses all kinds of techniques to make sure every one of her trainees are clear in both what and how they will teach. This is incredibly valuable, as we learned more deeply than just memorizing facts and cues. 
I started teaching immediately after taking the LindaFit Pilates Mat Teacher Training Program and have found many, many opportunities come up simply because I was a trainee of Linda's. Linda has a respected reputation, and folks in the industry trust her trainees are qualified teachers. I also have found that a "Linda Network" exists. For instance, I have subbed in for people, and had them sub in for me without having met them formally, but we are both "Linda-ites" and connected through her network of teachers. 
Getting to train with Linda was a page turner for me, and I will be forever grateful to her!

James Ervin, Sculpt/Jazz Instructor, Equinox, incorporating Pilates for warm-up

“I have been involved in the Fitness Industry for about 10 years now as an instructor at Equinox Fitness Clubs. Linda's Pilates Mat Certification was a wonderful and valuable experience for me as an instructor. The level of experience, knowledge and expertise was exciting. The program was very well organized. There was never a boring moment and with so much to learn, Linda kept me focused and challenged without feeling overwhelmed. A professional with the power to educate however, not intimidate while sharing her passion and abundant experience and knowledge.”

Dorit Koppel, Dance Teacher, Broadway Dance Center, incorporating Pilates for dancers

“I am a ballet teacher in New York City. Linda Farrell’s Pilates Mat Certification Program was well conducted, organized, and informative. I enjoyed the interaction among the participants, and the chance to practice teaching. Linda’s knowledge of the material, her clarity and focus, and constant support and encouragement make this program a worthwhile experience. It is so easy and fun to learn from her.

Linda is a source of inspiration to many of us who teach.”

Sandra Lee, Acting Coach and Director teaching Pilates to her acting students

“As someone lucky enough to have taken Linda Farrell’s Pilates Mat Certification Program, I can only say her knowledge of the work, of the body, her humor, generosity, and commitment is awesome-take it!”

Ivy Berke, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer teaching small groups and one-on-one mat

"I met Linda at a fitness conference roughly 4 years ago. I had previously taken various Pilates workshops but had not quite gotten the concept. Linda’s class made total sense to me. I was motivated to learn more and followed her to Equinox in NYC to take her classes and eventually sign up for her Lindafit Pilates mat certification program. As a fitness instructor for 18 years with my own established business in Westchester, I would consider myself a discerning customer. What I see in Linda is a very experienced master teacher who has a great understanding of what she is teaching and is able to articulate that to her students both verbally and physically. I completed the program feeling well equipped to teach Pilates and have already started two classes. I continue to drive into the
city to take Linda’s classes because there is always more to learn."

Alisa De Los Reyes, Pilates Mat Instructor, The Loft Dance and Fitness, HBO Fitness Center

“I was introduced to Pilates about four years ago when I was a member of the Hunter College Dance Company. An injury to my ankle resulted in lower back pain and Pilates helped correct what I had been paying a chiropractor to.
I began taking Linda's class at Broadway Dance Center and loved her attention to technique and anatomical detail. I began her Lindafit Pilates mat certification program and became certified in the summer of 2005.  I have been teaching ever since, with four mat classes weekly at The Loft Dance and Fitness, as well as two classes weekly at the HBO Fitness Center.”

Elizabeth Jones

"Lindafit, "mama fit", Pilates was my first and only choice for obtaining my Pilates mat certification! It was easy for me after taking one class with her. She's an extremely passionate and knowledgeable teacher and passes that love for the classical method on to her students with ease. I leave every workshop feeling confident, excited and enlightened!"

Jacqueline Ramirez

"I want to thank you again for an amazing learning experience. I appreciate the time you took work with us and feel that I will be able to use this in my fitness career forever!"

Eve Leeman

"I just wanted to thank you again for being so caring and accommodating in class today around my knee. I feel so much better after class! It's wonderful to have such a healing place to come, healthy or injured. You and your class are such a wonderful part of my life."