What is Workout Anywhere?

What mat is most optimal?

How many times a week should I work out to see the best results?

Workout Anywhere

What is Workout Anywhere?

LindaFit’s Workout Anywhere is a holistic, healthy lifestyle program based on fitness and wellness.

Strengthen and tone your body with a variety of fun and effective workouts including:

Pilates plus sculpt, barre, yoga, cardio and more.

Release stress and tension in your body, and enhance your mental well-being with:

Qi gong, stretches and mobilizations, and meditations. 

The key to Linda’s Program is addressing and correcting faulty posture—especially from sitting and slouching.

It’s simple!

Lengthen and stretch the muscles that get too tight.

Strengthen the ones that get too weak.

And Linda’s workouts are designed to do just that!

Realign your body.

Improve your posture.

Build a long and lean new you.

Then let Linda’s soothing voice lead you through

Calming Meditations.

Relaxing stretches.

The perfect way to soak in the benefits of your physical workouts.

 If you are new, get started with:

  • Beginner tutorials
  • How-to videos

More advanced?

  • Intermediate/advanced workouts
  • Prop workouts
  • Express and combination workouts

Do you like a structured schedule?

  • Suggested weekly workouts
  • For all levels-beginner to advanced:

For more about Linda Farrell, see the about Linda page.


With so many on-demand workout programs out there, how do I know Workout Anywhere is right for me?

Experience, reputation and expertise are the key things to consider when selecting a program and teacher to workout with.

Linda’s impressive credentials include certifications as a:

  • National Certified Pilates teacher (NCPT)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
  • Personal Trainer (ACE)

Linda is a “teacher’s teacher” and has trained hundreds through her acclaimed LindaFit Pilates Mat Teacher Training program, created in 2004.

And with over 25 years teaching students at the esteemed Equinox Fitness Clubs, and the iconic Broadway Dance Center in NYC, Linda will help guide you through her workouts and get the results you are looking for.

Many of these students are still working out with Linda today, online—results matter!

And what really sets Linda apart in the fitness arena is her precise cueing and ample knowledge.

Now you can workout with her too.

Not only will you look better, you will move and feel better….

For more about Linda Farrell see the about Linda page.


Have a question? Send Linda an email to: linda@lindafit.com

Is there a free trial for Workout Anywhere membership?

Yes, there is an initial 7 day free trial included for anyone who signs up for the Workout Anywhere monthly or annual membership options. 

There is no free trial for the LindaFit Premium monthly membership which all includes everything: on-demand and live classes.

How does the Workout Anywhere program work?

The Getting Started and Beginner Tutorial /How-to sections are perfect for:

  • Beginners
  • New Students
  • Knowledge seekers
  • Workout schedule seekers

They can be found in the Workout Anywhere pull-down tabs at the top of the Workout Anywhere page.

Beginners should follow the beginner tutorials and progress to the next level when they feel comfortable and ready. 

How-to videos are also found in this section, appropriate for beginners or students looking to strengthen and/or deepen their knowledge in a particular area.

Suggested weekly workouts-in the Getting Started section-are for all levels, beginner to advanced.

Especially for those who like a structured workout schedule.

Each week a variety of workouts are suggested to keep you challenged and engaged.

Mixing it up and trying new movements are important in preventing boredom and in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

It is also fine to choose your own workouts and create a schedule that meets your needs.

Is it easy to navigate the Workout Anywhere program on your own?

Yes, for your convenience, the workouts can be found in two places.

  • Fitness icons
  • *Workout Anywhere Library

For quick access, use the fitness icons near the top of the Workout Anywhere page that take you directly to your favorite modalities.

For those who want to view the entire library, you will find it located below the icon section. You can scroll down to view each and every modality/category.

*You can also find the Workout Anywhere Library directly in the pull-down tab at the top of the Workout Anywhere page.

LindaFit Live

Do I need to become a member to participate in LindaFit Live online classes?

No, membership is not required to participate in LindaFit Live classes.

Classes may be purchased a la carte,

or with a 10 class card, good for 60 days.

If my schedule doesn’t permit me to participate in LindaFit Live classes, can I purchase a recording?

Yes, all LindaFit Live classes are recorded and available to rent for 48 hours. Simply log in and go to the LindaFit Live page and click on Recorded Classes.

Recorded classes can also be purchased a la carte or with a 10 class card.

Is there a free trial LindaFit Live class?

Yes, there is a free trial class for NEW students only.

Do I need to have props for the classes?

 No, props such as rings, balls, bands and hand weights are optional.

Linda may suggest a prop, but it is perfectly fine to do the class without them.

Is feedback given in the classes?

Yes, there is a model demonstrating in all classes.

So Linda can watch, guide and offer you feedback.

If you prefer not to have feedback, you may keep your video turned off.

Can I still participate if I am late or have to leave the class early?

Yes, you may skip the warm up or leave the class early if you need to.

What if I am interested in participating in both the LindaFit Live online classes and the on-demand Workout Anywhere program?

Yes, there is a special LindaFit Premium monthly membership that includes everything!

LindaFit Premium monthly members have access to:

The Workout Anywhere on- demand library.

All LindaFit Live monthly classes.

LindaFit Live Recorded classes-exclusive to this membership only.

There is no free trial for this membership.