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LindaFit Continuing Education Workshops are designed for Pilates teachers, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and fitness enthusiasts.

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Enhance your reputation and increase your effectiveness and earning potential as a teacher.


Keeping up-to-date in the fitness arena will give you a competitive advantage, whether you are refreshing your knowledge or expanding and diversifying your skill sets.

“The more you know, the better you will teach.”

LindaFit Workshops are ideal for fitness professionals who must earn continuing education credits (CECs) for whatever certifications they have.
LindaFit Pilates Mat teachers must earn 9 CECs every two years to renew their certification.

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LindaFit Pilates Mini Ball Workshop

Like the magic circle, the mini ball offers resistance and promotes centering and muscular balance. With its unstable surface, the mini ball can provide stability challenges and is also used to simulate exercises done on various “Pilates apparatus”. Learn how to add new challenges to your Pilates Mat classes and privates with the mini ball.

3 hours, 3 CECs

Prerecorded on demand workshop available.


*Ball must be purchased separately (ensure it has a diameter of 8 to 9.5 inches)

*Includes supplemental Mini Ball Workshop manual (found in “Resources”)

LindaFit Pilates Mat
Intermediate/Advanced Repertory

This important workshop includes a full breakdown of the remaining intermediate to advanced Pilates Mat exercises not covered in the LindaFit Pilates Mat Teacher Training program. Completing the entire Pilates Mat repertory as designed by founder Joseph H. Pilates is essential for any Pilates Mat teacher seeking certification on the Pilates apparatus. The workshop also includes a discussion of Pilates principles and how to apply them when cueing and teaching the exercises.

6 hours, 6 CECs

Recorded live zoom workshop available.


*Includes supplemental Pilates manual and exercise pictures (found in “Resources”)

LindaFit Pilates Anatomy Workshops

LindaFit Pilates Anatomy Workshops explore different topics in anatomy, such as the spine, shoulders, and hips. For each, the relevant anatomy in terms of muscles, bones, and biomechanics are broken down. Correct movement patterns are taught for optimal performance and injury prevention. A must for students working with private clients and diverse populations.

8 hours, 8 CECs

Recorded live zoom workshop available.


*Includes supplemental Anatomy manual (found in “Resources”)

LindaFit Pilates Skills

This special tutorial series features important skills for the Pilates student or aspiring teacher. Explore the body’s deep core, understand correct shoulder mechanics, learn posteral-lateral breathing and more with these short tutorials. Move better and understand important Pilates principles and technique.

1.5 hours, 1.5 cecs

Prerecorded on demand workshop available.