LindaFit Lifestyle Getaways


We go to some amazing destinations, exploring and immersing ourselves in interesting cultures, enjoying their food, meeting new people, sightseeing and having lots of fun together. We typically start our day with an invigorating fitness session getting our blooding moving and feeling energized for our day.

There is plenty of free time to swim, have a massage, take a nap or read a book as well as planned excursions to interesting places. Three delicious healthy meals are included a day and accommodations are always comfortable and private.

In the evening we regroup and close our out day with some relaxing movement and meditation or a group wellness chat. From local weekend retreats to the Hudson Valley to weeklong stays in the rolling hills of Umbria, come meet new people and share the joy of exploring this beautiful planet together.

Upcoming Experiences

Experience Italy Retreat


La Bella Vita

Come discover the beautiful life in Italy — Florence, Tuscany and Umbria. Join Master Teacher Linda Farrell and Hospitality Guru Mark Wood on an Italian summer holiday week.

1 day and 1 night in elegant Florence
6 days and 5 nights in magical Umbria

August 20 – 26